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International Society of Hot Sauce Aficionados:ISHSA

Our motto:
See the World, Taste the Sauce

Founded in January of 1998, ISHSA is dedicated to the Life Long Quest to Sample All Known Hot Sauces. Recognizing that only the select few with vision, fortitude and dedication will attempt to accomplish this worthy goal, the ISHSA was founded to provide information, encouragement, community and access to the more difficult to procure hot sauces of the planet.

Officers: {Anyone who wants a title may have one}
Bylaws: {None}
Meetings: {None}
Dues: {None}
Membership Fees: {None}
Membership Benefits: Numerous (see below)
Membership Requirements: Love of, or interest in, Hot Sauces of the world!
Note: The desire to embark upon the Quest (to Sample all Known Hot Sauces) is encouraged and admired, but is strictly optional.
Membership Certificate: Suitable for framing. If you qualify, you may Print it Out and proudly display yours. Link to ISHSA: Use Official ISHSA Buttons

Discover the Many Benefits of Membership:

The Great Chile Book by Mark MillerSpecial Hot Sauce Aficionados Books

Life List of Hot Sauces (with Links) - A Master List for Members (or anyone else!) to download. This list will enable members (and others!) to keep track of their Life Long Quest To Sample Them All., and to jump to the web sites of the producers, if available. (This list is continually being updated. We encourage you to email us information on new sauces.)

Hot Sauce Resources Online

Recipes and More (Please send in your recipes!)

FREE subscription to the monthly official publication of ISHSA: Quest, the Romance  of Hot Sauce. Quest is the prestigious and soon to be award-winning official publication of  ISHSA, covering the world of travel in pursuit of the the finest hot sauces available


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